Weekly Pull List (June 30th & July 7th)

So I forgot to post last week! My job has been insane lately and my downtime has literally just been spent not looking at a screen. That means that this week, I’m mushing two weeks worth of pull list’s together. And there’s a good lot of comics to discuss! Also just a quick thank you to all the support on my starting the pull list segment on the blog. You guys are awesome! So without further delay, cast your mind two weeks back first to:

June 30th:

So this is an average size pull list and this one was fab! I took a bit of a gamble with Green Arrow, I’ve not read much of him overall but I LOVE this cover by Jen Bartel and the 2000’s look to the cover. I agree that foiled covers should ideally be left in the 90’s but I also really couldn’t resist the Tea Time one shot. I’ve really enjoyed the writing of the Buffy comics since Boom! Studio took over and it’s time to catch up. Finally, I’ve been reading Ice Cream Man since it started but in my move, some of my issues got damaged so this graphic novel bind up was just a good step.

Now on to the week I went a bit wild…

July 7th:

So yeah. Bit more than would be normal. Especially the start of 4 new series, a graphic novel AND jumping on to something as big as Justice League. I will say it is the timing most of all,especially a new Rivers of London comic series when I’m rereading it and a Hellboy limited series.

I’m most excited though about Wondergirl and I Am Not Starfire! I missed issue one on first release but was thrilled some were still available on release of the second one last week. Joelle Jones is a favourite artist of mine and I love she is a woman working in comics as both an artist and a writer. Her work on Catwoman is just astounding and I’m so excited to see this new take on the character. Same goes for I Am Not Starfire, a graphic novel that is geared toward YA with a take from being the daughter of a superhero.

That’s my pull lists from the last two weeks! This weeks one will likely be done over the weekend or next week because a lot of my comics get here by post. Do tell me if you have read any of these, like the sound of them or would like to know about any comics I ever mention! Thanks for checking in guys and happy reading to you all!

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