September Wrap Up

In my usual delayed fashion, today on the blog I’m going to be wrapping up what was somehow September. I’ve been away from the blog for a bit so this is a nice point to check in. I’ve made no secret that this year has been a bit of a struggle for me mental health wise. September was kind of my second worst month for that, but more in a positive way? If that makes sense. I started therapy and just started swapping out some harder things I wanted to fix.

I did meanwhile, read a lot of books. A comfort and coping mechanism always. In terms of quality, owned books and just being up to date on books on my personal radar, September felt like one of the best months for that. in total I read 7 books in total. All of these were fantasy as well, some to varying sub genres of it. Though 3 were graphic novels.

This months reads were:

So many favourites this month. Especially in terms of new series and old. I should mention as well that 4 of these were eithr read completely or aided with the audio copies of the book. Apparently this was a good coping mechanism for learning to live around anxiety. Lets’ do some stats shall we.

Series: Continued, Started and Finished:

Best month for series! This will definitely be a longer part than usual of this breakdown. Starting with Nona the Ninth, the third book in the Locked Tomb (now) series. I knew I’d be jumping on this as soon as the release date came around. My physical copy did take 2 weeks to arrive so audio was the natural choice (Moira Quirk continues to be an excellent narrator).

I am FINALLY up to date with all the Rivers of London novels! There is still the book of short stories and comics for me to say I have read all the available material in this world but for the first time since book 6 and before there was 3 novellas, I’m caught up. So I’m adding that to my series of the year that are done.

I finally started the Burning Kingdoms trilogy and the Last Binding series with The Jasmine Throne and A Marvellous Light. These are both only 2 books in as well so I feel like I can stay on top of them, Burning Kingdoms especially with my copy of The Oleander Sword being here at last so watch this space.

Next series technically belongs to the next section so let’s do my next favourite bit.


Monstress was my only real venture into comics this month. I reread volume 5 and read volume 6 for 7 being on the horizon. (Actually would have read it last month had it arrived sooner). This is my favourite ongoing comic book series if I’m honest. Outside of even Saga, any current Sandman titles and Nightwing. I just can’t deal with how gorgeous this art is. Just look at this!

I equally loved Mooncakes. I do love a cozy, warm graphic novel. It’s definitely one in the vein of other graphic novels I read earlier this year. So I might try and group them into a list. Definitely a good one for autumn/October vibes.

That was all my reading in September. Tell me how yours went! Take care all and happy reading over all!


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