November Wrap Up

Here it is folks, my second last wrap-up of 2021. What was this year? Like seriously, it just kind of happened didn’t it? November was predictably, a slower reading month. I had a lot of awkward shift changes in work, generally had a bunch going on. But we’re into the festive season, I have a tattoo this week and I actually did some major lifestyle improvments last month that I have carried into December so that’s exciting! I also got to put up my first ever Christmas tree with the boyf and it is honestly making the room so cozy.

Enough about festive vibes, let’s get to the books. I read 7 books this month, two of which are definite favourites of the year. I read 2 classics, 3 fantasy, 1 graphic novel and 1 scifi novel. Nice mix I think! Full list here with reviews linked;

My two absolute standouts this month are Iron Widow and The Bone Shard Emperor. I was meant to finish Iron Widow last month, but I have been a bit all over the place with my reading since Sepetember so finished it last month instead. That ending shook me! I loved everything about this book, and was really taken aback by how brutal it was for a YA scifi debut. Also long live the Iron Triangle. The Bone Shard Emperor was just the best sequel and that’s all I can say. I haven’t read a sequel that impressed me that much since Harrow the Ninth. If you have read it, do let me know so I can hear your thoughts!

Some nit picks this month, my read through of Jamie Delano’s run on Hellblazer is going much slower than I expected? John Constantine is still my favourite non super hero character and my love for him knows no bounds. But this run is dated in many places, both good and bad, and the second volume was VERY grim. I will hopefully get at least volume 3 this month done.

The Discworld project wasn’t left behind this month, I did start Soul Music towards the end of the month! I just had to prioritise The Bone Shard Emperor for a blog tour and life was generally going on! This month though, for the season that’s in it, I will be reading Hogfather so it will be more than one Pratchett book in next month’s wrapup. I honestly will say, despite only picking the project back up again in March, this series has gotten me through some bad brain months and the pandemic overall. Definitely a new favourite series to reread for years to come.

That’s it for November! Comic reading is more all over the place than my book reading so expect that to return new year once I have a bit of time to relax. Do let me know what you read last month, if you read any of these or anything in between. Always happy to chat books. Thanks for checking in guys and happy reading!

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