Weekly Pull List: August 25th

Welcome back to the blog besties! This has been….a week, to say the least. I’m still currently in a bit of a brain melty state from it but I am doing okay. Thank you to those of you who were being saints on Twitter.

Surprising noone at all, I’ve mostly been seeking refuge in comics and Terry Pratchett novels. I was very excited for this weeks comics since it was mostly the continuation of series I’ve really been enjoying combined with some back issues I was able to grab and some variant covers I wanted for my collection. Full details and links below as usual.

Single Issues:

DC heavy week again with a side of Image Comics. I honestly though mean it when I say this was a nice haul after such a long week (and for another likely to come). Once again, Nightwing and Rorschach remain the absolute exception to my not reading a series once it passes one or two issues. Both are incredible series, funnily both written by a man named Tom. And they are both doing really good things with really well established characters so I want to see them through to the end.

So two cover buys this week! One was Batman’89. I loved the first issue and I did want to get this particular variant. But my favourite is the cover for Ice Cream Man #25 with it’s wrap around cover for the anniversary issue. I will mention that I am reading Ice Cream Man since the very start, but fell out of touch with it due to the pandemic. But this issue might be the best way to get back into it. Also check the glory of this cover:

It looks so good! Also creepy as all hell which matches the tone of the series. My shop didn’t get Wonder Girl this week, will be getting it next week so I hope as well to see no spoilers before then.

That’s all from me this week for comics. I hope the week goes well for you all, do let me know if you got any read comics, manga or graphic novels you read or got. Thanks for checking in guys, happy reading.

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