May Wrap Up

Hello all! Been busy on the blog this week and this is a nice post to cap off so I can chat to (or at, more aptly) at you folks! So got a lot read this month, 9 books over all. Reason for that being I was in recovery from surgery. Long time followers of my Twitter and generally people who interact with me on there will know this is ongoing since I was 17. I had 3 lumps removed from my breast last Monday. Rest assured, this is my second time having this operation and everything was benign and recovery was even better!

Naturally being fairly bed bound while my partner took care of everything else, I just read a lot of books. 9 books including, with reviews linked:

A fantasy heavy reading month this May. I’m going to try where I can for the rest of the year to try and read mor e scifi. This may have come up in other wrap ups as well but I recently realised some outstanding review copies I do have are actually mostly scifi so that should be a good boost (watch out for those reviews).

I think ratings wise, most of these books were highly impressive with only one that didn’t really measure up so I’m still quite happy about the way mood reading is helping me select books I genuinely enjoy. In terms of standouts, that would have to be For the Wolf and The Dispossessed.

Funny contrast here, one being a debut for a fantasy duology and the other a classic in the scifi canon. As always mentioned, I am a die hard Ursula K. Le Guin stan so the fact I left The Dispossessed this long is a bit insane. I’ve now read almost all of the Hainish cycle as well and do plan to do a post on it soon as I do. But The Dispossessed is definitely worth your while, just for it’s examination of societal structures and what a utopia would be is flawless. For the Wolf is up there with The Unbroken for God tier level of debuts that have come out this year. It has atmosphere, it has excellently written characters and an even better setting. I’m already dying to read the sequel.

So that was May! Can you believe we’re half way through 2021? I can and can’t, since the lockdown here in Ireland was 6 winters long and the vaccines are only picking up pace now. But for the meantime, I hope everyone is staying safe and looking after themselves. Thank you as always for visiting my corner of the internet, happy reading to you all!

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