His Dark Materials-Philip Pullman: Overall Series Review

‘What is worth having is worth working for. But you have a friend who has already taken the first steps, and who could help you.’

Good evening all! My apologies for my absence and delay in getting back to you all. In case any of you don’t follow me on Twitter you might not know that I went to Octocon the weekend just gone. I’ll have a post about it later this week. Now to the review, this is actually a full series reread but I feel the burning need to discuss the books.

In case you somehow haven’t heard of it His Dark Materials follows Lyra Belacqua who lives in Jordan College, Oxford in a world very similar to our own. In Lyra’s world people have animal companions known as daemons who are a manifestation of their true selves.When Lyra spies on a meeting between Lord Asriel and the professors of Jordan College discussing something called Dust she discovers that her world is not the only one and that something sinister is affecting the children of Oxford.

So what triggered this entire series reread was the trailer for the new series from BBC and HBO. Holy shit. This looks good. So I binge read the entire thing. I honestly think I enjoyed it more as a complete work instead of 3 separate novels. I do however have star ratings for all 3 books:

  • The Northern Lights- ★★★★/5
  • The Subtle Knife- ★★★.5/5
  • The Amber Spyglass- ★★★★★/5

The world that Pullman has created within this series is some of the best I have ever read. Lyra’s world is very similar to ours with the exception of daemons. Her world also has a church body that domineers society that is called the Magesterium. This is a very clear representation of the Christian church, specifically the Catholic Church. As the series progresses we then get to travel to other parallel worlds, one of which is our own world but nothing is quite as rich as the world Lyra lives in.

In Lyra’s world alone there are daemons, witches and armoured polar bears who have their own structured societies, angels as well as physics, travelling via zeppelins and instruments such as the alethiomiter (a truth telling device that looks like a watch that Lyra has a talent reading). The world itself is very similar to the Victorian England but it’s so wonderful. We do see other worlds, especially in the last book but Lyra’s is my favourite.

Lyra is a wonderful main character, she is sassy and a gifted liar which leads her into many dangerous situations and yet saves her in many more. Lyra and her daemon Pantalaimon are the main points of view but we do get to see the story from other POV’s. One of those is Will Parry who we meet in the second book, The Subtle Knife. Will is from our world and cares for his mum who suffers from an undiagnosed mental illness before he meets Lyra in another world esaping from his through a rip in reality. Will is definitely my favourite next to Lyra. Where Lyra is good with words and manipulation, Will is more of a physical character. He will stand out to people and speak up when he feels he is being attacked and can make himself as unimportant when he needs to to just blend into the background. Will and Lyra are a great pair on the page but I don’t necessarily agree with how their arc ended in the final book.

We have to talk about the villains. The Magesterium are the ultimate villains of the plot but Mrs Coulter is the first true foe we meet. She is first introduced to Lyra at the beginning of book one and adopts her. We then learn how dangerous she is and her ties with the church very early on but she is a character that will always have you second guessing. Her daemon is a golden monkey who is just as sinister as her. I loved every second she was on the page and her arc is genuinely one of the best developed of the story.

The plot does have its moments where it can stall within the story. As I said I enjoyed this a lot more this time as one full work of fantasy as opposed to 3 separate novels. Pullman does a fantastic job of weaving all these ongoing stories and characters across a multiverse. There is also some fantastic moments where the plot mirrors biblical stories such as Adam and Eve, the Fall from Heaven and many more but every now and then the plot would just halt and there would be a lot of travelling on a boat or zeppelin, or someone gathering materials. This is mostly in the first book and moments of the third but they don’t take away from the conclusion of the story or the more climactic moments.

The last book is the best of the trilogy in my opinion because we have the full cast of characters, the different worlds but also because the conclusion is perfect. Pullman has since continued the series with The Book of Dust. There are also shorter stories such as Lyras Oxford and Once Upon a Time in the North that further enrich the whole series. I do love hyper world building and supplementary books but I honestly think that the original trilogy is perfect on its own.

The TV adaptation begins on the 5th of November, I’ll definitely be watching even just for the casting alone. There is a film called The Golden Compass that is an adaptation of The Northern Lights. It’s not so terrible since the special effects are good but the conclusion of the film and the casting of Nicole Kidman as Mrs Coulter are not my cup of tea. Definitely watch it though for even an idea of the vast world.

As per usual I would like to recommend this to both young and older readers. Pullman had no audience in mind while writing it but it is generally marketed to young adults. The audio books are also a quick version of the books with a full cast, be warned a lot of story does get lost. Also a must read for fans of Pratchett, C.S Lewis, Ursula K Le Guin and Garth Nix.