June Wrap Up

This is the half way point folks! June is gone and all. And she was a quiet month. Well quiet for reading for me anyway. Anyone of you who are mutuals know what my story is the last month but if not, I’m in a new job and sector! It’s a huge benefit to my life work balance and it’s going super well but the settling in took longer than I thought.

June saw me reading 6 books in total. All 6 were fantasy, one being a graphic novel and one a YA novel (which has been a while!). 3 of these as well were on audio so bless the accessibility of them these days. Otherwise there would be less again on this post. As well, I’m not unhappy with this months amount, I just know my average is 8-10. It is a hobby after all!

Full list with the limited reviews I managed here;

Least so far this year for reviews and monthly wraps but still, glad the month is down. Anxiety and changes in lifestyle do not go well together.

Series: Continued, Started and Finished:

This is one thing I did quite well in June. I finished Lord of the Rings!! I’m so sad and happy to have completed this for the first time in my life. I’ve started it at least twice in my life and never got past The Fellowship of the Ring so will hopefully get to do another post on it alone.

Another book into the Discworld Project and False Value was the last novel I had left in the Rivers of London. I’m finally on to the latest novel! She Who Became the Sun is the beginning of a duology too but I won’t count it here until we get sequel details.


Not a single one. A single graphic novel. Will return stronger next month.

Shorter wrap up than usual but June was less books! Appreciate all the patience with the delays in reviews and posts too. Again, I’m on TikTok and Insta if anyone is looking for more frequent, micro blog style stuff. See you soon guys, happy reading!

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  1. Petals, Paws & Pages says:

    Congratulations on the new job!


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