April Wrap Up

How was everyone’s April? Weird? Busy? Chaotic? Or was that just mine? This was somehow the month where I read the most books but also put down the busiest work/social month so far as well. I don’t know how but I am still blinking in confusion. I went to my first hen night too! That was really fun. But books is what ye visit this corner of the internet for, so let’s get down to business.

April saw me read 9 books which was the most read in a month so far this year. I did a quick check in of my reading on my quarterly reading check if you are interested in what it’s looking like so far as well for 2022. I read 5 fantasy, 1 non fiction and 3 horror books. Including in those 2 graphic novels and 2 audio books. Full list here including:

Quantity aside, the quality of this month as well was excellent. I am still shook by my chosen non fiction Cult Following, be mindful of content if you intend to read it! But lets crack on to a few more details.

Series: Continued, Started and Finished:

This is my biggest boast for this month, continuing 3 series. I am nearly fully up to date with the Rivers of London. I am one novella and a novel behind to get to the latest release Among Our Weapons. Discworld is finally back on the monthly roster and of course my reread of Fellowship of the Ring was excellent as well.


I am intending to get to single issues once my friends wedding has passed, though I am excited for it! This month saw the start of the highly awaited Sandman Universe: Nightmare Country from James Tynion IV. Speaking of the man himself, read The Nice House on the Lake. It is flawless scifi/dystopian horror.

Trese I am so glad I got to at last. This is urban fantasy at it’s best and in Manila which is a far cry from your Londons and New Yorks. I first heard about Trese when the series arrived on Netflix and my Filipino mutals were very excited. And I was even more so because it was based on a comic. Great mystery, strange and scary creatures and an unshakable female lead is all you need. Go read or watch it.

There we have April! How was your month? How did your reading and other hobbies go? Do tell me more. Thanks for checking in as always and happy reading!

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