February Wrap Up

I feel like I say this every month but I think in particular February flew. Likely because I was off work for a lot of it. But 2022 is taking off at break neck speed so lets wrap it up! In February I read 8 books in total. Same as last month in terms of number but I was so pleased to get to a few of these this month. I also managed to get to a non fiction book (true crime) and a short story collection, both of which I’ve been neglecting for a while now.

With reviews linked, what I read in February includes:

While I’m happy with this reading month, I did feel very slumpy at times. I’m currently on a mission to clear my currently reading books to 0 so I can start afresh. This was still a great reading month despite this. My two audio books, The Phantom Prince and Bloodchild and Other Stories, were honest life savers in moments. Let’s get to the breakdown!

Series: Continued, Started and Finished:

I didn’t finish any series this month but I was happy to start one in particular. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you will know I have been chipping away at The Eye of the World, the first book in the Wheel of Time since October. I finally finished it this month gone and it was very impressive. I highly enjoyed it. I also will be continuing it.

For continued series, I got to the book I had been putting off the longest in a series I love. That was Come Tumbling Down by Seanan Mcguire. I consider myself quite a fan and well read of Seanan Mcguire’s work at this point. But my favourite is still the first I read, the Wayward Children series. This was the last book so far following my favourite of the attendees of Eleanor West’s charges, Jack and Jill. I held off for so long but I really want to catch up with the latest two and this was nothing short of excellent.

I also started, as a reviewed copy, the new series Daniel Abraham of The Expanse fame is writing. I have a full review linked above for my thoughts but Age of Ash is the first book in the Kithamar trilogy. A really solid start and honestly such a fun read for review, I do like Abraham as a writer and will hopefully get to more of The Expanse to get a better idea of his style.


Even more shame this month, I read no comics or graphic novels of any kind. I plan to spend a day just reading them this coming week so stay tuned.

That was February! A variety of books in genre, type and format. I do intend to keep that variety going and try and get back to the type of reader I’m happiest being. In case you missed the tweet, I have also started a TikTok. I played with the idea of YouTube for a few years now but it’s not really practical so this should do me for here so do feel free to follow if you want more bookish stuff. I try to do weekly reading updates and books as I read them too.

Tell me how your February went, have you read any of these? Are you a fan of any of these books? Think my standouts are Learwife and Bryony and Roses. Thanks for checking in guys! Happy reading!

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