The Discworld Project: A Round Up of 2021

So if you’re new here, hello welcome to Hedwig’s World of Books. I’m Hedwig, these are my books and a percentage of them are by Terry Pratchett. Back in 2019, after I started this blog, I launched my first major rsading project. Named simply ‘The Discworld Project’, I aimed to overcome my grief over the death of Sir Terry himself and resd the entire Discworld series from start to finish.

That was nearly 3 years ago. Now, granted, I put no time limit on this. Why would I? This a series of over 40 books and I wanted to enjoy the journey while also analysing it as I went. Then we hit 2020, a rollercoaster year. In 2020, like many, I started strong and carried on my journey. Then I just, stopped. No idea why on a reasonable level since this series gives me superb levels of joy but I just did. That flowed into 2021.

The Discworld Project in 2021:

As has been mentioned MANY times, I had a bit of a mad year last year. The outcomes all being over all good in the end but still very busy and draining on top of the plague filled back drop. But I conciously decided in April that enough was enough and I missed reading Discworld and restarted the project with Small Gods. Comparing the years side by side, this is the full idea;



Some Rambly Findings:

I started to notice something a lot more this year gone and it’s that (if you pardon the sentiment) my heart is a lot more in this series than it was in 2020. Granted, 2020 was already a wild year but so was 2021. I put that down to a few things.

The first is the big one in 2021, I moved in with my partner. It was my first time ever living out of home and anyone moving ever will tell you that it is hella stressful. It’s also kind of dangerous to just allow a book hoarded like me free reign over a space like that. Also helped that my boyf is the most patient man I’ve met this side of Munster so bless him. But yeah, I was able to take stock of my time differently and actually see the books always displayed on a shelf. Both might be silly things but I found they helped.

The second is I’m finally into what I would call “the weeds” of Discworld. I am officially 20 books into the series, including Tiffany Aching’s books and the Amazing Maurice. So I’m essentially at the point where interconnecting stories and characters appearing in say a Death book who are generally mainly seen in Unseen University. The series is definitely still accessible in a lot of entries still in case you did want to pick only one up but there is a lot more benefit to reading now and knowing what’s happening.

If you are wanting to start with the series in any shape or form, I’ll always refer everyone to the fabulous guide here on the Discworld Emporium website.

So….what’s next?

Well carrying on! What I do want to do this year is set myself the target of at least 12 books read by the end of 2022. So one a month, as I was following at the end of 2021 which was very doable. This year does also see many of the audio books of Discworld being re-recorded and updated with an ambitious cast so I am definitely going to be reading some that way (new Hogfather was spectacular).I would like to stretch goal for 2 a month but for the moment 12 seems the most doable and enjoyable.

That’s it really, a rambly post but was nice to just do a quick recap over this excellent reading journey so far. I intend to do Interesting Times next so do keep an eye out for my review so thanks as always for checking in, happy reading and of course…OOK!

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