December 2021 Wrap Up

In true Hedwig fashion, a delayed December wrap up to begin 2022! So December was a warped reading month. Mostly beween work, the usual seasonal prep and uncertainty of a certain Ms. Rona. But also because I wanted to finish on my goal of 100 books this year! Sudden hospital tests last year prevented it for 2020 so I’m glad to say it was met for 2021. I go into a bit more detail in a previous post here.

So in December I read 9 books. Finsishing out the year strong! That consisted of 5 fantasy, 2 scifi, 1 literary fiction and 1 graphic novel. Out of those 3ish were on audio, which truly saved my brain from completely forgetting how reading works. Linked below, is the full list of things read this month;

Reviews are linked as always too! So yeah, super pleased as always. 2021 overall was a great reading year, and I liked to think I finished it with with these books. My absolute stand out will be my reread of The Left Hand of Darkness, which remains one of my all time favourite books for many reasons. It was also hugely fun doing two Death books back to back. I am planning a Discworld Project post this month as well just to reassess where we are in it and how far I have to go to have done each book. A strangely beautiful thing I discovered in December was the short fiction of Alix E. Harrow.

I have read both of Harrow’s novels and found them both enchanting. I have her most recent novella to conquer but it should be a January read all things going to plan. But I never read any of her shorter work and I know they have been nominated for multiple awards. Patience not Forsaken is available to listen to as part of the Audible membership and is surprisingly endearing. It also has a lot of love for comic books and women superheroes so that was great. For me anyway.

The Autobiography of a Traitor and a Half-Savage I had a few more feelings about in terms of what it’s clearly coded as but ultimately I was rooting for the protagonist in the end. Something as well I felt was the true anguish that she wanted you to feel for this character and her broken relationships and life so it definitely worked. Definitely one for discussion!

I think my only disappointments was Superman and the Authority and The Joy Luck Club. The former I started in single issue format in July but dropped it off the pull list since I was happy to wait for the trade paper back/graphic novel release. But yeah it was trying to be current, ending up dating the whole thing. Though the intentions were good and the use of more diverse characters was a good call. My only issue with The Joy Luck Club was it got repetitive and parts of it were out of the flow of the stories otherwise excellent structure. Would still recommend and would definitely say try the audio.

That is December and now on to the 2022 posts! Thank you all for anyone who ever reads, shares, comments or noses at this blog. All the support means the world to me, thank you as always for checking in and of course, happy reading!

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