2020 Reading Review; Favourites, stats and plans

Well, we made it. 2022 is upon us and I and my bedraggled carcass are thrilled for it. Also a bit apprehensive but isn’t everyone right now? So 2021 was, to put it frankly, A YEAR. I have very mixed feelings for it and a lot of fatigue. I don’t think I’ve ever spent so much of a year under medical attention, or learning new things. The advantage to that is 2022 has (so far) none of that. In fact I have, outside of basic ones like far off gigs and ideas of plans, no commitments yet. And that, is freeing.

But you’re here for books, not me waxing poetic on 2021 woes and wins. This is going to be a longer post but I am putting a lot of joy into it. So first off, lets talk the goals;

2021 and 2022 reading goals:

So this year saw me completing my GR reading goal of 100 books. Right on the amount as well which is intensely satisfying. I got to 94 last year which was still great (everything considered in 2020) but I wanted to hit it this year and I did so woop!

For 2022 I’m going to start where I did last year, which is setting the goal a bit lower at 80. I have focus in my head on reading series this year and a few of them are longer or chunky. I also ended up being well on my way to the 85 I originally set for 2021 and upped it mid way through the year so can always do the same! But I will go for this number as a main goal.

Favourite books of 2021:

Scrolling through this post, you already saw the book pile above which gives this section of the post away. But I struggled to get to just 10 so I might do a post on just the excellent debuts. Anyway, the top books I read with reviews linked includes;

These are in no real order and some are very close to being in this 10 but holy shit was 2021 excellent for SFF. New releases, long time back list ones I finally got to and finally starting series/books that were back in print. Blessed. I found my goal of doing less blog tours definitely helped with this as well but I really enjoyed nearly all my reading this year. It was so glorious.

Last year I declared death to TBRs as well and that really was the best move I have made. Being my true chaotic self is what left me reach my goal and honestly it was just very fun to be intuitive with it and embrace my moods. Now for 2022, let’s see what’s coming.

2022 reading and intentions:

So we have a few small but ultimately rewarding changes. Since we all love lists, here we are;

  • Going to stop/limit doing blog tours overall
  • Carry on with the Discworld Project
  • Read 12 books recommended by friends (post incoming on this)
  • Do better diversifying my reading
  • Focus on completing/catching up with series I actually love

Nothing too dramatic but changes are changes. I love blog tours, I love the way they work. But realistically with my time, health and life I can’t keep doing them comfortably. That meaning that I tend to be a bit over generous with my time and in turn, terrible at assessing what time I have or need to use for it. So this year I’ll be likely doing none or if I do, I’ll be doing rare ones. Love to all the wonderful organisers I work with for them though, ye do absolutely epic work.

Discworld project will have it’s own version of a post like this soon and I still want to carry on the way I’m going. This is pretty much my favourite series now and I have a Terry Pratchett tattoo planned to add to my ongoing half sleeve (we shall see) but it also gives me so much joy so I want to keep it going. The last two are just ongoing and are going to be what I want tp manifest strongest in the future.

This was fun to just let loose with so thank you if you read to the end! I love end of year posts and just all these kind of posts so please do feel free to link me yours or tell me any goals! Happy reading until I see you next!

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