October Wrap Up

Year is coming to a close so might as well stay on brand with a delayed wrap up! October come and gone everyone and I hope you all had a great month. I know we all say this every month but I really have no idea where October of all months went. I love autumn and the build up to Halloween is one of my favourites where I tend to wear a lot of jumpers and generally read The Halloween Tree on that day. I didn’t do the latter this year, first time in a few years. I did get to totally decorate our apartment for the first time which was real fun! But this month was full of life stuff like a dear friends wedding, an important birthday and then the weekend itself where I had no power, water and heating. Safe to say, it’s a wonder I did any reading.

But read I did! I read 8 books this month, with a nice variety of spookier reads, scifi and fantasy. Even finally started from the start of one of my favourite comic book characters. Without further ado, with the reviews linked;

Ratings are something I might be doing away with in the near future, outside of tracking on GR so gonna try and not put them here. Most linked above have them already.

So a pretty good month all around, overall I think it’s safe to call this a good reading year. Definitely the best I’ve had in two. I conciously wanted to use this month as well to read spooky themed reads but alos move back to reading horror. I used to read if not solely horror for a while and this year and last I dropped it a lot. This month broke down nicely into 2 fantasy, 3 horror, 2 scifi and 1 graphic novel.

I usually have a very chatty part to these posts but I’ll keep this one short for now. October was a hard month, I don’t want to think on it too much but I would love to hear about your favourite books this month, or read your posts! I would love to check them out. Thanks for checking in guys! Happy reading!

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