September Wrap Up

Another month, another delayed write up if my wrap up! Hello everyone, I hope everyone had a good September and is having a better October so far. I love October and did start this month with some excitement for spoopy season but I have been a little busy between work and life goings on. I happened to have my first two big social events of the year this past weekend, a wedding and a birthday party, within a day of each other! It was tiring but very lovely.

On to my reading though! In September I read 9 books in total. In a quick breakdown, there was in that 9, 1 audio book, 3 novellas, 2 graphic novels/trade paperbacks, 1 ARC and 2 tomes on my TBR. For genre I had 2 scifi, 4 fantasy, 2 horror and 1 noir story. So a bit more of a mix! Anyway with reviews all linked as usual, I read the following;

I’m nearly caught up with my reviews and have one incoming for Jade City (fuck I loved Jade City) but I honestly feel like I had a great September despite feeling six shades of all over the place with it! The last month and a half with so much going on I’ve kind of felt my reading to be a bit less organised than I would like and my brain has felt similar so to see I’m still hitting my usual numbers this month made me happy.

I only really have one disappointment in last month and it’s that I didn’t manage to get to my next book in the Discworld Project. The wedding I attended actually had one of the couple quoting Sir Terry in their speech so that was a nice emotional tug. But not getting to a Pratchett book this month was annoying.

In terms of favourites, I can’t sum up better than Leviathans Wake and Jade City. I took a lot of time reading these over the month since these are both 500 page tomes but my god was it worth it. Both of these are classic SFF series in the making. Leviathan Wakes has a wider cast than Jade City but both are equally intimate and brutal stories of family, loss and taking back what belongs to these people. JADE CITY THOUGH.

Anyway, on to the comics.


  • Moon Knight #1
  • Wonder Girl #3

Two. I read two single issue comics last month. I am SO behind on so many series I follow. It just shows how the busy hit one of my hobbies! So I’ll keep this part of the wrap up short. I’m not really a Marvel reader anymore but I really was interested in finally reading a Moon Knight comic. One because of the upcoming adaptation with my husband Oscar Isaac but also because Warren Ellis wrote the only other run I knew. And I wasn’t going NEAR his. But this was super cool! It talks about a lot of the discussions about Moon Knight as a character and just how odd he is. I’ll not be keeping it on the pull list but I will be reading it as a trade.

I could spend an entire blog post on Wonder Girl as a series alone. This is honestly such a breath of fresh air to the Wonder Woman mythos and it’s doing something excellent with a character that has been absent for a while. I also just appreciate there is effort being made with some more interesting characters from an event like Future State so I want to see more going forward. Also, let Joelle Jones draw everything she wants.

So another month gone and here we are in spooky month! I am so excited to crack into some horror and gothic stuff, especially some horror manga. I’ve been letting down the horror part of my soul so now is the time to let it shine. Let me know how your September was! Thanks for checking in as always and happy reading!

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  1. Alex Page says:

    Haven’t tried the books yet, but The Expanse show is absolutely amazing.


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