Weekly Pull List: August 11th

Welcome back everyone! Been a week of it, great for comics but a bit stressy for everything else. But comics are a huge balm to my soul so let’s celebrate that. This was a big week for comics, for both my haul and releases. Batman ’89 launching, Batman Urban Legends #6 with the coming out of Tim Drake and this years Free Comic Book day. Many comics! So without further ado, let’s crack on with what I picked up!

Graphic novels and trade paperbacks:

I am so excited with the trades I picked up this week. This coming week is my second vaccine dose (!!) and I booked some time off just in case so I’ll be prioritising a few of these for recovery reading. Most of all Tom Taylor’s Suicide Squad and Mister Miracle. Both come highly recommended from people I follow but also they have been on my radar for a while now.

Single Issues:

This week was a nice mix of back issues and new releases. I did pick up this copy of Batgirl solely for the Terry & Rachel Dodson variant cover. But getting a number one issue for both The Low, Low Woods and Batman Black and White was very cool since I almost never get that lucky when searching for back issues.

Batman ’89! So excited for this one! My favourite live action Batman movie and my founding love of comics and superheroes does stem from Tim Burton’s take on the iconic character so this will hopefully deliver on my hopes. Same for Pennyworth, since the show makes me all sorts of wary, I do want to see more of Alfred’s life before the Waynes.

So that’s this weeks comics, do tell me if you have any on your radar. Have you read Mister Miracle? Are you looking forward to Batman’89 continuing as a comic book series? Or should I read The Low, Low Woods and finally crack on the Joe Hill comics imprint? Do tell me or catch me on Twitter. Thanks for checking in guys! Happy reading!

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