Weekly Pull List: August 4th

New week, new comics! Happy weekend everyone, hope things are good wherever you are. Since it’s comic book themed, I saw The Suicide Squad on Thursday and it was excellent. Would highly recommend to anyone burned by the 2016 fiasco and enjoyed James Gunn’s work in the past. I might write a blog post on it (not so much a review, more a discussion on my feelings) but in the meantime, I highly recommend checking it out if you get a chance and more importantly in a safe manner.

This week’s pull is almost half graphic novels and trade paperbacks and single issues. I’ve gotten quite lucky recently with second hand trades in brilliant condition and sale items. Without further a do, this week’s items include:

A DC heavy week as usual but a very exciting one none the less. I’m very sad to see the end issue for The Dreaming: Waking Hours, my genuine favourite of the Sandman Universe titles. Hats off to both G.Willow Wilson and Nick Robles. The next issue of The Nice House on the Lake is something I’ve been super looking forward to. This series is such a strange, dream like story and it’s getting steadily creepier as it goes along.

As mentioned in my July Wrap Up, I am currently working my way through a reread of Fables and I do still have gaps in my shelves so I picked up volume 17 while it was on sale. Same goes for Harley Quinn and Powergirl, I picked this one up second hand since after The Suicide Squad and starting the Harley Quinn animated series, I’m in that sort of mood. Something is Killing the Children keeps popping up on my radar as well so do tell me if you read it!

Thanks for checking in this week! As always, it makes me so happy to share my comic book hobbies with you all and I love to hear of any you are reading so do feel free to tell me. Happy reading everyone!

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