Weekly Pull list: July 28th

Well that was a week. Hey folks, hope you’re all keeping well. It’s been a busy one here but something I can finally say that has changed since last week’s pull list, I got my first vaccination! Seems like there were at least 5 months worth of posts here where every time a new month rolled around it was the same. But that is no more the case and I’m so glad to even just be half way there.

I did very little comics reading this week, I have been pretty busy with work, vaccine and clearing out stuff. I will be detailing the ones read in July in my July wrap up as well and hopefully, I’ll be a little bit more caught up this week now I’ve a bit less on (hopefully) this week. Getting to this weeks comics;

So things are a bit more chill this week! I am so happy to finally be reading Laila Starr. It was recommended to me recently by a lovely Twitter comic person (thank you again!) and I was finding it so hard to track down. I’m also kinda thrilled for the Huntress one shot and to finally finish Imaginary Fiends. I started it on the series release in 2017 but never managed to pick up beyond issue one.

August also sees the ending issue of The Dreaming: Waking Hours. So now I have issue 9, I’m pretty much up to date and ready, story wise and not ready, emotionally. I love this series so much and every single thing in it has been amazing so it will be sad to say goodbye.

That’s it for this weeks comics, do let me know if you’re reading anything new or something you’re enjoying. I’m always down to chat comics. Thanks for checking in guys, happy reading!

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