Weekly Pull List (June 16th& June 23rd)

Trying something new today on the blog! I’ve long been a comic book fan and reader. In fact while in college, I pretty much solely read comics for nearly four years. I do also know a lot about comic book history and general story telling from just consuming it solely for many years. It’s no coincidence that one of my main tattoos is from my favourite comic (Sandman). I have remained very passionate about comics as the years have gone on.

With the pandemic loosening her grip, I’ve finally gone back to reading weekly comics and buying single issues. The last year has mostly seen me only reading and collecting trade paperbacks/ graphic novel formats (mostly because shops were shut and production paused) and I want to share that journey with you all.

So in case you’re not in the know, a weekly pull list would essentially be your comic book haul every week, mostly on a Wednesday since that is the day new comic books are released. That list can be single issues (slim, one chapter style entries), trade paperbacks or graphic novels (the collected story of those issues, the most common format people read), manga or a mix of all three!

I would always recommend supporting your local comic book shop, they are generally an independent, small business run by folk passionate about the subject. But that in itself is a privilege since there might not be one where you live, but a lot are now shipping online due to the pandemic so that might be an option for you. This list will include my comics from two weeks worth and going forward, I’ll try and keep them as regular as I can with that week’s comics being listed. So first to begin;

Wednesday June 16th:

This week was a standard enough amount I would get weekly! 3 single issues and a graphic novel. The comics above include:

I’ve linked to the website that gives a brief summary of each comic (this post would be years long) but just going to ramble a little and discuss them here. First, I’m not up to date with the current Catwoman run, and I did choose this solely as a cover buy (my book habits also are present in my comic consumption) but Jenny Frisson makes such amazing covers that I might also frame it to hang up.) DC Pride sees a celebration of LGBTQ+ characters, creators and fan for 2021 Pride. Not gonna lie, even as a huge fan, DC has dropped the ball over the years when it comes to this but this is a spectacular issue and is definitely worth checking out if you can.

Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow is actually one I was waiting for! Bilquis Evely is a wonderful artist who did amazing work on The Dreaming. Tom King has penned an epic Vision series in the past (definitely worth checking out for the Wanda Vision fans!) so I’m looking forward to this incoming series. As for Mystery of The Meanest Teacher…I’m trash. John Constantine trash to be specific and he isn’t one you would think could do a MG series? This little volume is a delight and definitely good for younger and older readers.

One week later, I did go a bit wild comic buying wise…

June 23rd:

Few more than usual! This is last weeks comics but I just got them Tuesday because I have them posted to me currently (and An Post are consistently themselves) but there was 4 new series starting and I had gaps in one ongoing series I’ve been following. So the following would include;

If you made it this far in this long post, you’ll know by now I’m also DC trash. Last week was explosive with new series and great places for people to jump on if they wanted to start. Focusing on a series I have been following for the guts of a year, I am so sad to see The Dreaming: Waking Hours come to an end. It’s a truly sweet, tragic entry to the Sandman universe and definitely pays homage while changing up the type of characters we frequently saw.

I am HYPED for Batman Reptilian. Garth Ennis is a genius and I love Preacher so I want to see what he’s got in store here. Because it’s not like he would be writing Batman if there wasn’t a great story in there. Also for any bookish peeps and fans of Victoria Schwab, this series is set between Vicious and Vengeful so if you need more EO content, look no further.

So that’s 2 weeks of comics! Thank you if you read this far, I won’t make future posts this long if that helps. I just really want to document my love of comics and this seems the best place to do it after all! This is first and foremost a blog dedicated to my reading so makes sense to put comics here too. Tell me do you read comics? Are you a fan of any in particular? Do tell me below and thank you for checking in. Happy reading!

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  1. Kelly says:

    I was such a fan of Locke & Key, both the graphics and the story, and the Chilling Aventures of Sabrina… So I guess, basically comic book horror? I worked my way through The Walking Dead Compendium 1 and 2, if I’m not mistaken, but I’ve just about had it with zombies now 😂 If you have any recommendations, comics you think I might like or should try, let me know!


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