April Wrap Up

Here we are again! May is here, April is gone and working from home just somehow get’s stranger and more comfortable each day. Hope everyone had a lovely April! Mine was busy, I changed role in work and have finally a date for upcoming surgery that has been on pause. I also finally caved and restarted Doctor Who from series one with Number 9 so I can finally be up to date. We got an XBox series X so I’m playing a lot of Dishonored. And I read some books as well!

So this month, I read a total of nine books! As usual, will be listed below with their full reviews, where applicable, linked;

This was a standout reading month. Something that’s bringing me a lot of joy as well is this is the first month since October that I read a book on audio. Granted, it took me a month to read it start to finish but I finally feel myself getting back into listening to audio books on walks or in lull periods in work. That book was The Bone Season as well, just in case that matters, and I do mention in my review that the narrator is a great choice for the story.

As a break down, one book was a graphic novel, six were solid fantasy, two were science fiction and one was historical fiction. Both my scifi reads are more of an adjaycent, Remote Control being african futurism and The Bone Season a dystopian fantasy mashup but this month coming I am trying to read more scifi. I’m currently listening to one on audio (see?!) which I’m tearing through.

I didn’t quite get a Discworld book read this month, I started the one that I am on and I will likely finish it tomorrow so what I might do is read two this month instead? Because with being back on the Discworld Project and listening to audio books again, I’m finally starting to feel like pre pandemic Hedwig. Been a while since I saw her. I am also still working my way through my Rivers of London reread and the Incryptid series. Both are bringing me a lot of joy as well so expect reviews of the latter and a post on the former once I am caught up.

That’s really it for me today, I do have a review up and coming for you all of what is arguably one of the best books I read this year, The Unbroken, and a few more posts in the vein (GET IT?!) of more vampire related media. Or they might be late because I am either watching David Tennant as number 10, knew deep in Dishonored or on the Disc.

Thanks for checking in and happy reading to you all. Stay safe folks, we’re nearly there (I think).

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