March Wrap Up

Another month, another wrap up here on the blog! Hope everyone had a lovely March and is managing okay. I know that this like many months so far in the pandamemic flew and dragged. It was however my best reading month yet! I read 10 books last month, the most I’ve read in any month for a while. I also mixed genres a little bit more and did some rereading. Full list (and linked reviews) with ratings was;

Out of 10 books, 5 were fantasy, 2 were scifi, 1 was non fiction and 1 was a literary fiction with a speculative edge. I was intending to read more for the Irish Readathon, in particular the group read The Henna Wars by Adiba Jaigirdar. I will be carrying it over to this month however since it’s another genre I don’t often read and it sounds very lovely and something my soul needs. But the four books I did manage to fit in for it were all excellent.

So I mentioned I did some rereading as well! I always make these posts a bit chattier so I’m going to talk a little bit more about each of the two I reread. The first book of those rereads was for my work book club and that was The Night Circus and the other reread was The Rivers of London series.

I’ve never been a huge re-reader but I recently made the decision to catch up on The Rivers of London series by reading the books I had read again and happened to time it with Fiona’s fabulous read along over on her blog here. I would highly recommend joining in if you do want to read the series and follow her reviews on there! I’m taking part since I want to reread the series up to book 6 so I can finally be up to date. But coming back to the first book in a series I loved so much over the years has been so comforting and enjoyable. If you’ve seen any of my recent posts, you’ll know I’m really enjoying returning to urban fantasy. The Rivers of London is high up there as one of my favourite ongoing urban fantasy series so will definitely recap once I’m up to date.

The Night Circus I read for my book club in work, which I do look forward to some day attending in person. I think funnily enough, I read this the same year as I first read The Rivers of London. This book I was thrilled to come back to since it definitely is made to be reread. The atmosphere and the layers to the circus are so intricate that I just felt so comforted and knew I was going to enjoy it again.

I’m going to be re-reading more in the coming months, taking part of the Rivers of London read along primarily but also intentionally for my own relaxation. There are a few series I want to finish and just some book and comic series I want to read again. I didn’t re-read American Gods or many of my Neil Gaiman favourites the past year so there’s one. I also want to get a handle on some classic Batman stories and to do that, I’ll need to go back to some I know I have reread for a refresh so hopefully I’ll have that here for you.

Longer wrap up post than usual but I am enjoying these more chatty posts! I like giving you guys more insight and breaking down more discussion style posts so I might turn towards those in the coming months. Tell me about your reading month! Tell me if you read any of the above, are you re-reading anything? Thank you for checking in friend, happy reading!

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