February Wrap Up

Another month gone already! Apologies for the delay in posts recently, I am pretty busy in work so the idea of looking at screens when I’m not makes me a little allergic. But I have been reading a lot! And even better, this month I read some amazing books with the lowest rating I gave being 3.5/5. Even those rated lower were books that were very enjoyable to read. I read 7 books in total for February.

So everything as always will be linked where it was reviewed, either as a standard review or as part of a blog tour. February’s reads were:

I think the best thing I did this month was embrace the mood reading. Even one of the blog tour books , The Black Coast, turned out to be the type of high fantasy I really needed and I flew through the 600 pages of it in 2 days. That was a wonderful feeling.

Outside of the ratings, I do want to talk about how much I loved Discount Armageddon by Seanan Mcguire. I will have a review coming up for it this week, just since I want to review the entire Incryptid series, but I recently mentioned on Twitter that returning to reading urban fantasy was very rewarding for me reading and mood wise. I know I had a few in my wrap up last month but I think going forward I’m going to embrace it fully. I used to read a lot of urban fantasy in my late teens so this feels like the best thing to do during this pandemic. Reading things I know I will enjoy.

Drop me a comment below if you have read any of these! Or what book you really enjoyed this month. Thanks for checking in everyone and happy reading!

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  1. I haven’t read any of these but it seems like you enjoyed most of them! I just finished a book about the situation in Iraq under the reign of Saddam Hussein and it was so eye-opening and interesting.


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