January Wrap Up

Well that was a fun, endless, drag of a month. Seriously though, was January both a decade and a minute long for anyone else? That being said I am very happy with my start to the reading year. I read 7 books in total, 3 of which were over 400 pages long. List (and linked reviews) includes:

I’m quite satisfied with this month! Mostly because all these except for one were books I already owned and weren’t new buys. I am planning some posts about books I got in the post and possibly featuring them here on the blog (you can see them on my Instagram all the time though). For perspective, 4 of these 7 books I have had for or almost a year. Others being roughly a few months.

I mostly want to be more conscious of my book buying this year and requesting them for review too. I own so many amazing books and I’m so lucky to have that access, but I can’t feasibly support impulse buying. I recently moved into my own apartment and I only have so much room here for all the books I DO love and own already.

I’m also trying not to review everything I have read since I came to the realisation I don’t have to! But I do intend to keep as many reviews as possible on the blog, Sunshine being one I’m considering. But I still feel a lot less pressure knowing I don’t HAVE TO review everything I read. Esp non review copies. Silly overachieving brain of mine.

How was your reading month? Did you read anything you hate or loved? Do tell me all! I love hearing all about them. Thanks for checking in folks, happy reading!

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