August Wrap Up

So… where did August go? Seriously does anyone know? August was a busy month for me. I had World Con, laryngitis and a job change all within 2 weeks! World Con didn’t slow my reading surprisingly but I didn’t read as much as I thought it would with my time off. I read 9 books in total, 3 of which were on my Kindle. It was a very mixed reading month, ratings and titles including:

I’ve linked reviews where I have them on the blog. It was a very mixed reading month, with ratings as low as 1.5 stars and as high as 5 stars. Standouts were The Call, This is How You Lose the Time War and Mort. Definitely disappointed in both The Cruel Prince and The Lost Sisters (which was infuriating). I read a good third of books on my Kindle for ease of travelling around Dublin and while I was sick. I also want to increase how much non fiction I read in September because I used to read so much more.

Thank you for checking in on my reading progress! I don’t do TBR’s since I am such a mood reader but I will always have books for the Discworld Project on my list and hopefully more comics, graphic novels and non fiction books next month. Talk soon guys!

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