Doomsday Clock overview; The clock is ticking!

Comics! They are great, I love them and now I am going to write about some here!

So recently I re-read and caught back up with Doomsday Clock and for the first time since it began I have an opinion on the direction of the story. I have thoughts. Doomsday Clock is a 12 issue limited event published by DC comics. The series began back in 2017 and is currently as I write this, still ongoing. The series is written by Geoff Johns with art by Gary Frank and Brad Anderson and I’m finally up to date on the story.


Doomsday Clock works both as a semi sequel to Alan Moore’s&Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen series from 1986-1987 and explores the ending to the DC Rebirth issue from 2016 which dropped the bombshell that characters from Watchmen have been tampering with the timelines and lives of the characters within the DCU. The series functions outside of the main DC continuity and also began the reboot of all the DC titles.

So here’s the thing, this series is taking way too long to get to the point. Doomsday Clock was very exciting when it was first announced and I was itching to get it into my hands. However, the series at the time was monthly. Then it got moved to bi monthly. THEN it had several delays and breaks….yep. Patience is the virtue of the faithful comic reader.

Now that I am caught up I have a few small things to mention. The art is still the shining jewel of the series. I follow Gary Frank on Twitter and he does reveal the drawings for the covers there frequently in case you are interested. The way he handles the characters and the movement is sharp and solid without being generic. His style is very present in the story and is definitely suits the noir-esque world that Watchmen came from. I also really like seeing characters from Watchmen again especially the Comedian. He is a diabolical human being and him being alive at the end of issue 4 was one of the better turns of the story. Dr. Manhattan vs the entire DC super hero slate in issue 9 was absolutely brilliant, a testament to Frank and Anderson.

The story however is really suffering with the delays. 12 issues over almost 2 years is killing the cliffhangers that the issues are ending on and it is clear that Johns has come to rely on them to maintain the story’s impact. The characters do remain consistent but I feel like they are getting lost in the lagging tempo of the overall arc. The enitre ‘Superman Theory’ is the only thing keeping me interested. That and there are only 2 issues left. I haven’t been up to date since issue 5 so now we will wait and see where it goes. The only thing I can see that will end this well is the upcoming clash between Manhattan and Superman.

I’ll be reading Watchmen again soon and I will post how it informs my opinions of Doomsday Clock but honestly, it will depend on the last upcoming issues. As of now issue 11 is due out in September.

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